Sports have always been a vehicle for social progress and development. The game of Golf, which has soared in popularity in recent times, is no exception. Golf provides the opportunity to display many of the fine 

qualities people are respected and admired for. It gives the opportunity to develop and cultivate discipline, respect, drive, determination and uncountable other good qualities.

The America-Fiji Golf Club has been established to promote social progress and development by stimulating interest in Golf within our community. It will complement the activities of other institutions, which are already active in this area.

The impetus to the formation of America-Fiji Golf Club came from a group of people, originally from Fiji, who have made US their home. Fiji, a small nation in the South Pacific, has been able to make a major mark on the International Golf scene. In fact, over the years, it has produced some world-renowned golfers and continues its contribution towards this end.

The founders of America-Fiji Golf Club draw their inspiration from their golf heroes. But they are also moved by their love for the game and the potentials for social progress it provides. America-Fiji Golf Club would strive to stimulate interest in Golf and promote spirit of understanding and friendship among members of our entire community.

We look forward to exciting times ahead.